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Image: Marks & Spencer

Every once in a while the wonderful world of fashion presents a micro trend that is not only stylish but hugely user-friendly too – this season the tie detail is doing just that. Reminiscent of the days when knotting a jumper around your waist was cool, this time around the feature has been cleverly incorporated onto dresses, tops and even skirts.

As someone who has sadly never possessed a washboard tummy or a waist I have often worn items loose, a size too big or in a very dark colour to cover my less than perfect midriff. Every time the oversize look returned I let out a sigh of relief – quite literally – as bodycon is not my friend.

That said, I had hoped (much like every new mum) to walk out of hospital with babe in arms and back to my pre-pregnancy weight like the celebs do, sadly I didn’t. If anything, I looked like I hadn’t had the baby (something they don’t tell you) and even my loose fitting pieces were feeling the strain in the days following Daisy’s arrival.

Don’t get me wrong, I was so in awe of what my body had just done I could forgive it for looking worse for wear but that didn’t stop the overwhelming desire to wear something that didn’t have an elasticated waistband as I began to feel more human.

While it felt I was doomed to live in maternity jeans and baggy sweatshirts forever I stumbled upon the tie waist.

Not just for post-pregnancy bods, the cunning yet strategic placing of the knot will cover a tummy in a flash while the ties themselves subtly draw the waistline in creating curves on a boyish figure.

Here are a few of my favourites…


ASOS White

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas

Marks & Spencer

Autograph at Marks & Spencer

Studio at River Island

Studio at River Island



Proving that style evolves over the years while the days of the jumper tied around your waist would also add unwanted pounds to your derriere, this new hybrid will not.

Happy Shopping xx

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