The Unlikely Icon: The Lobster…


We are back from our first family holiday for my brother’s and my new sister-in-law’s wedding and it was just wonderful – as you are reading this I am still in mourning for it and trying to cheer myself up by constantly scrolling through the pictures. However, I am happy to report that travelling with a toddler was no way as bad as I had suspected it would be (more on that to come) and that I have broken my 5 year flying haitus to address my fear – I flew!

Anyway I digress so let’s get back to the fashion. Now I’m already an established fan of the flamingo and the cactus and have been known to enjoy a pineapple in my home in the past but never did I imagine a crustacean making it into my repertoire – least of all into my wardrobe!

Sunglasses, Scarlett of Soho. T Shirt, H&M (not available online). Shorts, GAP. Bag, Next.

My current love in with red has a lot to answer for and would wholly explain the main reason why I had to have this t-shirt when I popped into H&M recently – something I’m glad I did it as I have enjoyed wearing it ever since and have received some lovely compliments on it too. It looks just as great with a blazer and jeans as it does with shorts and sliders as I learned last week in France. Although technically Astacus (latin for Crayfish – everyday is a school day) is not a lobster it does fall in the same category as it’s larger relative. The picture does not do it justice but the little fella is actually embellished with what I can only describe as tiny clear pearls so the image is actually raised – something Daisy gets plenty of enjoyment from.

T Shirt, H&M (not available online). Shorts, GAP. Bag, Next.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find my t-shirt online (as soon as I do I will share) but obviously the High Street loves a theme so to satisfy any fashionable seafood cravings I have put together some other pieces available for you to shop now- I already have my eye on the loafers…

1.Backless Loafers

2. Shirt

3. Clutch

4. Basket Bag

5. Espadrilles

6. Swimsuit


Happy Shopping



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