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If I had received a pound every time I’d thought or heard “I’d like that in my size” I’d be wealthy enough to have created a line of mini me clothing myself by now!

The high street has heard us – twinning really is winning and a fortuitous visit to Matalan recently while Daisy napped is the reason this post came about. I clapped eyes on the leopard print duo for her and when I saw it also came in adult sizes you can guess what went through my mind.

The range doesn’t end there, swimsuits for the whole family to match in as well as a host of summer dresses for mummy and daughter are on offer. And not forgetting the boys, matching swimming trunks so your little man can look like Daddy are begging to be snapped up.

Leopard top (adult) bottoms (adult). Leopard kids set all Matalan 

This is not the first time I have touched on the topic, I wrote a post last year about independent brand Sugarhill Brighton’s mini jumper range that launched last year (you can read it here) that is still going strong. I wrote then that I was unashamedly jealous of Daisy’s wardrobe and the same is still true a year on.

Now I know this is not for everyone and the question of is it cute or too much often arises. Now I’ll be frank, I have zero intention of wearing this out of the house as I cannot carry it off quite as well as Daisy can, so you’ll be lucky to see me actually twinning with her, but for days at home I’m all for it.

Leopard top (adult) bottoms (adult). Leopard kids set all Matalan

In the case of Scamp & Dude, a gorgeous independent brand that produces a host of beautiful unisex clothing, the premise of it came about when the brand’s founder Jo had to be tragically separated from her children due to illness. Her slogan “A superhero has my back” is written into all the clothing as well as a special superpower button to give the wearer (particularly children) some security and surely in this case there is a huge amount of comfort from wearing matching clothing when you have to be apart from your children.

Fashion is meant to be fun and it’s all about us enjoying big versions of the kids stuff so as long as I dress like Daisy and not the other way around that Daisy wears miniature versions of adult clothing it’s fine by me. I want her to be little for as long as possible and plan to dress her that way – she has plenty of years ahead of her wearing what she wants (god help me!).

I’ve put together a little edit of some other beautiful mini collections available now from high street and independent brands. So go forth and dress like your kids and have fun with fashion!

1. Breton Jumper, H&M. 2. Rainbow Jumper, Sugarhill Boutique. 3. Swimwear, Matalan. 4. Leopard Jumper, Scamp & Dude. 5. Trousers, River Island.

Happy Shopping


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