Style: Dressing for Spring…


As Louis Armstrong once sang “I don’t care what the weatherman says” – and quite frankly I don’t now. This week marked the official start of spring so I don’t plan on letting the (big or mini) Beast From The East deter me from enjoying some seasonal related fashion/retail therapy. Plus I’ve also found since starting my new job that I have absolutely no clothes that feel work appropriate anymore. Working in fashion I’m fortunate that the dress code is smart casual so I don’t need a complete overhaul but I feel like most things I own these days has either been spat/dribbled or puked on so is thousand wash grey, bobbled or stretched beyond belief by little vice-like hands.

So in spite of the horrific weather we have been experiencing lately, I’ve decided to plough on regardless inspired by the new season and with it I’ve been embracing colour. If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that as a rule I don’t generally wear a lot of colour beyond red and leopard print and we all know that’s pretty much a classed as a neutral these days…

However, I’ve realised that my new penchant for colour actually only stretches as far as pink stripes for now. It began with pyjamas (see previous post) and now my latest acquisition, this dusky pink striped shirt (Creature of habit, me? Never!). The oversized androgynous cut of this shirt is probably the main reason I love it. Not one for frills and fuss, I much prefer clean lines and in the case of this shirt, the boxy mannish fit tones down the girliness of the pink IMO.

Dressing for spring

I also swooped on the jeans as soon as I saw them as I have been on the hunt for a pair with a sizeable turn up for some time now. I like to think the pale wash of them gives a subtle nod to the new season even though they are still denim jeans. I love the fit of them, straight cut but not too baggy as I’m not tall enough to carry that look off. They will look equally good with a t shirt and blazer for smarter situations.

And finally, my favourite newest addition, the loafers. I’m not alone in my love of a loafer and I doubt I’m alone not being able to justify the hefty designer price tag that goes with the ultimate pair, so for now these will more than suffice. They are super soft and the colour is actually surprisingly flattering on my pale skin and the best part- they came in under £20! I’ve harped on about the virtues of H&M’s shoe collection and these are a fine example of just how great they are. They even have a seam at the back so they fold down to create a backless version for when the summer comes in.

So there you have it, the beginnings of my spring wardrobe emerging like the daffodils in the snow outside my house. I must confess, originally I had great plans to shoot this outfit amongst the blossom and aforementioned daffs but the mini beast unleashed it’s wrath so until spring gets the memo I shall be wearing the loafers indoors, for now. I hope it inspires you to look to the fashionable future when warmer days arrive.

Happy Shopping!


Everything featured in this post was purchased at H&M at MK1 Shopping Park.

This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Some items were gifted.