Small Brand Spotlight: Fire & Felt Slippers


Following nearly a week of being housebound this post feels very appropriate now. The Beast From The East got us good in the shire and despite all the power of positivity and my unrelenting determination, all attempts to get us out of the house were futile. While usually I’m more than happy to hunker down and get all hygge, when the choice was out of my hands I became like a caged animal. Throw into the mix a toddler who felt the same and let’s just say my husband came home to scenes of carnage on more than one occasion last week. I am usually a big fan of the snow but I have to admit that I’ll be glad not to see anymore for the foreseeable…

However, the Great British Freeze did mean that I pretty much lived in layers and slippers all week (every cloud and all that) and in particular this pair from Fire & Felt, a small brand I discovered via my Mum.

Mum had bought herself a pair for Christmas and I made a beeline as soon as I saw them. Suspecting I would like them, she held off buying me any until she was sure but she really needn’t have worried – I was a big fan. The cut, the colour and the fabric, everything about them appealed to me in a big way! Suffice to say Mum swiftly bought me a pair before I pinched hers!


Known as a house clog and originally from Austria, it has a moulded insert so there’s no need to curl your toes over to grip them and the sturdy sole allows for indoor and outdoor wear. I seem to be constantly ferrying stuff to and from the car so I have ruined many a pair of slippers wearing them outdoors. Since becoming a mummy, my clothing and shoes have to work much harder now and I mean in the literal sense. Tops are pulled about by little hands, trousers get covered in snot where she lovingly cuddles my thighs and my new friendship with the local cobbler goes as far to explain how hard hit my shoes are!


Little feet have already tried to claim them!

Not only do they look great they also keep my feet super cosy and come in a range of colours so if you’re looking for something a bit different I highly recommend.


Happy Shopping


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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