She’s 2 – Party Planning On A Budget…


Daisy is two!!! How did this happen?! Two weeks later and I still cannot fathom this fact. While it’s indeed amazing to think we have had this wonderful little lady with us for two whole years and watched her grow it’s so true what everyone says, they do grow up too fast (wahhhhhhh!)…

In the lead up to the big day and when I wasn’t hunched over my phone pouring/sobbing at approximately 8000 (I kid you not) photos I have taken of her in her little life, I was organising a little party with family to celebrate her big day. I did not have an extortionate budget to work with and even if I did she’s only 2 and not really going to appreciate/remember it yet so I would be kind of wasting my time. From what I hear the days of big parties with 100 school friends etc are to come (Lord help me) so the brief was cheap but cheerful. So  I thought I would share with you the three brands that made her day beautiful on a budget – in my opinion of course.


Oh. My. Gosh. If you haven’t heard of this brand before you need to get to know it. Now. It is the prettiest brand for gifts, stationary and accessories that is totally affordable and perfect for decorating little people’s parties. As Daisy is still unfortunately very much allergic to dairy I planned to make her a cake again like I did last year (you can read the post here) but I was feeling totally uninspired and by no means creative enough to a CBeebies character cake as she would have liked so I took myself off to John Lewis and hit the baking section to find the Meri-Meri pieces. I snapped up this shooting star with rainbow cake topper and literally an idea was born…

Disclaimer: don’t be fooled by this picture, the stars were strategically placed hide the cracks in the icing and there was jam everywhere where it leaked!

Flying Tiger

By no means a new find but I love this shop and I’m totally guilty of being there for no reason other than to see what’s new. Like the market place of Ikea, Flying Tiger is an Aladdin’s cave of cheap treasures and I’ve bagged myself a few homeware treats in the past too. I’ve also learned that going there with a toddler and buying them something that costs a couple of quid buys you a bit of peace and quiet every time we go shopping. It was an obvious destination for Daisy’s birthday and I wasn’t disappointed – these coloured flame candles were an all out hit on the day with the kids and the adults too and cost just £2.


A failsafe destination for the ultimate bargain. During a last minute dash on New Year’s Eve I spied these air filled letter and number balloons so grabbed 2018 and made a mental note to return for Daisy’s birthday. Unfortunately I was missing an I so couldn’t spell out her name but I snapped up a couple of 2’s to bolster my decoration game and they came in at a fraction of the cost compared the large helium filled one. A total bargain because, let’s face it, they are only going to get popped on the day…

*It’s also worth noting TK Maxx and Dotcomgiftshop are also favourites of mine that are equally as affordable and ideal for their gorgeous party pieces*

She's 2 www.styleandsubstance.ukj

She's 2 -

The finished article!

So there you have it, my now two year old’s (sob sob) birthday party on a budget. I hope it helps if you are planning something too. I’d love to know your suggestions for hidden party gems…

Happy Shopping


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