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Baby bag shopping, what’s not to love?  Of all the big purchases to be made as a mummy-to-be I found bag shopping to be one of my favourite tasks. Finding one that brings the practical and pretty together was a challenge I was more than happy to take on.

However, much like all things baby-related, there’s a lot of choice out there, and the prices vary from reasonable to what might seem extraordinary for a bag that doesn’t carry a designer name (not one that you’ve heard of before anyway). Add that to the fact that you’re buying a bag for a job you’ve never done a day’s work  in and it’s fair to see how the task can escalate quickly from exciting to daunting in a heartbeat.

Now I am by no means the authority on the topic but I have had the same bag for 18 months now and haven’t gone a day without it which is testament to its brilliance. I don’t doubt I will probably continue to use it after Daisy as it has been that useful. So with that in mind I have put together a little checklist of things to consider when you hit the shops/web for your changing bag that I hope will be helpful…

Weight –

In those early days when you take out everything but the kitchen sink out, a bag that is already heavy without anything in it is not a great idea. Yes you will become a packhorse overnight and there won’t be many days you’ll be hands-free so be kind to your back with a bag that weighs a realistic amount especially while your body returns to it’s original state and you’re holding a newborn.

Tip: to get an idea of what size bag you will need lay out the items you will be taking out with you on a daily basis.

Attaching it –

My bag has straps that wrap around both sides of the handle balancing out the weight and keeping it away from the wheels. Many now come with straps or clips to fasten to your buggy taking the load off you. A buggy clip is also an excellent investment but be warned a heavy bag on it has the ability to pull a buggy over (as I have learned). Rucksack styles are a great alternative way of lugging around your essentials that are also gentle on your back when worn on both shoulders.

Fabric –

I chose leather as I tend to walk everywhere and a fabric bag would have got saturated during one of the many downpours I’ve been caught in. I’ve learned as she’s got older that I also have a particularly messy toddler who hurls everything at it so for me wipe clean leather that has actually got better with age is perfect. If I hadn’t chosen leather I would have gone for nylon which is as easily cleaned too.

Colour –

Naturally my fondness of black wholly dictated my decision when it came to colour but I am glad I did as the poor thing has faced the elements and a less than appreciative toddler over the months so I dread to think what it might look like if I’d picked lighter. Many brands consider this so there are an abundance of colours and prints available to disguise the dirt.

Price –

With many coming in at over £100+ a changing bag might seem like an expensive item but it will also be one of the hardest working pieces of baby equipment you will buy so is worth investing in. As I said, I’ve used mine every day for 18 months now so on a cost per wear basis my bag has certainly earned it’s value.

Organisation –

Compartments, compartments, compartments! A good nappy bag comes with plenty – and believe me, you will need them. These are a necessary not only for OCD reasons but also for when you are holding a wriggling baby with one hand searching for nappies, wipes etc with the other. As a general rule if you can navigate your bag with a blindfold on (or in my case navigate my husband around it) your life will be a lot easier.

And finally…

If your partner or husband is anything like mine and refuses to carry “a girly handbag” JuJu Be have come to rescue with a range of bags made exclusively for the boys. Launched this week the chic XY collection from the American baby bag brand has 5 different style bags in navy, black and grey on offer so are perfect for Daddy days out.

Most importantly, love your bag. It will become an extension of you and go everywhere with you so it helps if you love it. Just because it’s a working bag doesn’t mean it has too look like one. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for practicality, many brands now create beautiful looking bags that you wouldn’t even know were changing bags if they weren’t attached to a buggy.

Here are my pick of the best available now…

Picking Your Perfect changing Bag www.styleandsubstance.uk


2. Tiba + Marl

3. Joolz

4. Jem + Bea

5. Tiba + Marl

6. Storksak

Happy Shopping



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