New Mummy Gifts…


Stuck for what to get your friend/relative who’s just had a baby? You’re not alone. In all honesty, until I had Daisy, I was just as clueless and I would have more than likely bought the failsafe – flowers. The reason for this post came about because I’ve recently had quite a lot of friends ask me for suggestions on what to buy their new mummy friends before or after their baby arrives. While it is easy and lovely to go wild in the baby department of any shop, they want to spoil their friend/relative as well so that she doesn’t feel overlooked.

For me there were two gifts that stood out by a mile when I think back to the early Daisy days – the first was a really simple but super comfy loungewear set that were as loose as pjs but ok to be seen in after 11am everyday when getting dressed was an achievement and the door may as well have been revolving with all the visitors. I was one of the naive ones that had no clue I would leave hospital looking nearly as pregnant as I had gone in and was very much over my maternity clothing by then so the two-piece was perfect. The second was a hamper of all the ‘off limits’ food and drinks that I wasn’t allowed during pregnancy my brother cleverly curated for me. It was largely in part made up of every gooey or blue cheese I had greatly missed but also included tea (rationing myself to only two cups a day nearly killed me) and gin, which I enjoyed at a later date. Having just about survived Christmas heavily pregnant but fed up I think I had made my desire for these forbidden foods well known! Suffice to say I was giddy when I opened the package.

The Hamper of dreams…

It doesn’t have to be huge a outlandish present, think laterally, she’s been through quite the journey over the past nine months so it will be the simple gestures that will be the loveliest. Something to make those early blurry days a bit more comfortable, make her feel more human and anything that helps her survieve the fist few weeks will definitely be well received. However I would advise against buying your new mummy friend leather trousers a la Phoebe in Friends style (although I’m sure there are some women who would be elated to receive leather trousers after giving birth!).

So if you are stuck on what to get her I thought I would put together a selection of suggestions that I hope will make your shopping trip easier…

New Mummy Gifts -


  1. Loungewear – comfort is key when you’ve just given birth. Whether she’s had a c-section or given birth naturally most new mummies will most probably not want anything tight or light-coloured going near their body for the foreseeable.
  2. Name Necklace – the baby’s name, her name or simply mummy – a personalised piece is always a good idea.
  3. Lipstick – sleep-deprivation and no time to do anything make for a less than glam look. It’s commonly known fact that a quick sweep of colour on your lips gives the illusion you are awake in an instant. Simple but effective.
  4. Pyjamas – for the same reason as loungewear but also because if she’s anything like me she will want to wear anything that’s not maternity wear!
  5. Chocolate – a box of the sweet stuff will keep her going at times of pure exhaustion and with bars called Breakfast Buffet and Spoon of Cereal you can be totally justified eating chocolate for breakfast.
  6. Sunglasses – come rain or shine for covering the bags and when here’s no time to put on make up, sunglasses will be her new best friend.
  7. Slippers – for those first few weeks when getting out is an achievement enjoy lazing in style – I lived in mine!
  8. Coffee – who doesn’t want to receive a gift box called Coffee Rocks? A new mum survival must-have.
  9. Sweatshirt – a mummy uniform key piece, comfy, warm, easy to breastfeed in and stylish too.
  10. Pamper set – excessive handwashing and hospital heating will leave her dried out so help her to feel human again with this kit.

And finally, if you are stuck what to get a mummy-to-be this care box (from the aptly named will see her through the months until the baby arrives.


Happy Shopping



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