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Whatever your thoughts may be about ‘the trends” and what’s fashionable or not (and indeed whether you care), every now and then a look appears that is just plain practical¬† – and the dress over jeans outfit is one of them. It’s very easy to see why this look has gained popularity lately, with the weather so indecisive and the risk of baring your legs and being freezing very high, this is savvy styling at its finest…

I’m not one for wearing dresses all that often (two this week is an actual record for me!) yet I still have a vast collection of them, mostly unworn, that I’m desperate to wear. Everyday I look at them and then out of the window hopeful that it will be warm enough to brave the bare leg and sadly more often than not that day does not come. It must also be said I’m not overly confident of getting my legs out either especially when I seem to spend my days running around and bending down with Daisy – no one wants to see that in a dress!

dresses over jeans

Happiness is a cup of tea!

So the simple answer is, team them with jeans. Since I started doing this, it’s like a whole section of my wardrobe has suddenly become available to me and it is liberating. Much like I don’t save special items for special occasions anymore, now I don’t have to hold out for a heatwave to wear my dresses. There aren’t many rules to this look. If I were to impart any advice on the topic I would say as a rule this trend tends to lend itself better midi length or maxi dresses and more so to shirt dresses that can be undone to reveal said jeans, or dresses that have splits. Shirt dresses are also especially useful as they can just be worn undone with a vest or t-shirt underneath like a lightweight cover up.

If you needed further convincing, here are a few outfits I’ve spied available now to inspire you…

L-R: Pinterest/ Zara/

Go on try it, don’t wait for the sun and free your summer wardrobe – you’ll be glad you did!


Happy Shopping


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