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Let me start this post by saying I am by no means a beauty writer. For the record I once was one many, many moons ago on a weekly magazine but my days of writing about lotions and potions and shooting smears and smashed up powders are long gone. This post comes from a time-poor mummy who doesn’t have a fortune to spend trialling different hair and beauty products (as much as I’d like to) but has a very real body and face that need help everyday. In fact I like to think my criteria is possibly the best to test products under because if they can help me, they can help anyone! Plus I like to think I can still recognise a good product when I try one and so these beautify finds that are both affordable and most importantly work, are too good not to share…

Mummy beauty buys


Despite my love of all things grey, there’s one type of grey I dread and it’s been an ongoing battle since I was just 24 – thanks genetics. I am also graced with hair that grows rapidly (this has been fortuitous at times) so I have religiously dyed my hair every 6-8 weeks ever since. If only I’d known then that I would have to dye my hair so frequently I wouldn’t have spent the years beforehand having highlights just for fun – isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? I’ve even dabbled with the theory that going lighter will not show the grey so much but I like my hair colour to be honest and my years of being blonde are very much long gone.


I was very fortunately contacted by Josh Wood via Instagram (maybe they saw my grey roots in my pics?!) to try their new range of colour protecting products and I did not have to think twice about it! I’ve been using the Colour Renewing Shampoo and Conditioner for Brunette Hair Prone to Frizz for the past few weeks since having my colour done and I am really pleased with the results. It smells lovely and lathers up like a dream. I’ve also been using the Everything Mask once a week and recently bought a Cool Me Down Shade Shot to add to it as my hair has a tendency to go quite red as the colour fades (something I’m also not a fan of). When I recently went for my colour refresh my hairdresser was impressed that only my regrowth needed doing so that can only be testament to how well my colour has lasted. The range is available online and in Boots and although it’s not the cheapest range on offer, it’s far from the most expensive and to be honest given how well it has prolonged my colour I would be happy to continue buying it. A little goes a long way and as opposed to make up I’ve always been happy to spend a little bit more on my hair.

Next up is a new product for me but an absolute classic in the beauty world.  Who remembers the Natural Collection at Boots? I probably haven’t looked twice at this collection since I was 16/17 back when my make up bag contained this brand as well as Rimmel and Collection 2000. Again, I was very kindly sent some of the range to try out so I did and I’m hooked! The lengthening mascara and the lipsticks in particular are great and the best part is everything is £3 or less. As someone who loves a red lip, I probably don’t do it enough which can sometimes make buying an expensive lipstick as bit of a waste. After trialling the nude shade ‘Cameo’ I have since bought myself the vivid ‘Crimson’ red and matching lip liner  and am pleased to say it’s just as good as any other brand I already own. I also wore the mascara to my weekly swimming lesson with Daisy last week and was pleasantly surprised how well it held on considering how drenched I get. No panda eyes for me which for £2.49 I think is pretty incredible.


Lastly is the turn of a long term love of mine, St Moriz fake tan. After years thinking a ‘good night’s sleep’ didn’t really count as a beauty hack, I’ve learned the hard way how much difference a consistent eight hours can make you look. Sleep deprivation is not only cruel, it’s ageing which makes it doubly cruel. After all the hours we lose tending to our babies we should at least be rewarded with something, anything, not ravaged.  That’s where fake tan is my saviour and in particular this one that develops in just 3 hours. For less than £6, smother yourself in this deep brown fake tan and leave it for anything between 1 (for a light colour) to 3 hours (for a darker shade) for a healthier version of yourself. I never really had the time to fake tan before Daisy which sounds crazy now but since her arrival one night every week I religiously put this on and wash it off before bed so I don’t have to sleep in it or worry about showering the next morning while keeping an eye on her too –  which would inevitably be disastrous. There is also a clear gel version I love that develops overnight for a more subtle shade that doesn’t require showering and drops that can be added to your daily moisturiser for your face. No matter how heavy-handed or quickly I apply it to this day I’ve never woken up with streaks and without fail I feel better for it the next day.


So there you have it, the best affordable beauty buys from a time poor, sleep-deprived, greying thirty-six year old that (I hope) make me look half decent and polish the proverbial turd on a daily basis. If you have any products you use and swear by please do share – I need all the help I can get!

Happy Beautifying!


This post was not sponsored, some items were gifted but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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