My Style: 8 Of The Best Jumpsuits…


I’m prepared that not everyone will like this post, a jumpsuit is the sartorial equivalent of marmite and in my past experiences working in fashion it conjures up delightful references to workmen, tyre fitters and the Ghostbusters to name a few. That said, I like marmite and I like jumpsuits, boilersuits in particular and surprisingly against my better judgement, my husband actually likes this on me too – who would have thought?

This is not a new love interest, I’ve been after a denim jumpsuit for ages but up until now I had not found one that I liked enough to buy and as if the fashion gods heard my pleas, this one appeared last week…

These days I am all about easy dressing, (given I have precisely 2 minutes to dress myself everyday) but I don’t want that to compromise the cost of looking good. Step forward the all in one – as the name suggests, your outfit sorted in one move. It’s perfect for running around in on my days off and tough enough to withstand everything daily life with a toddler has to throw at me. The ideal transitional piece too I am currently enjoying on its own with trainers and when it gets cooler I plan to layer it up with a Breton top underneath and boots.

The Jumpsuit Edit

There is one pitfall, going to the toilet is not ideal in a jumpsuit, but much like it’s not ideal to have a small child watching you while you do said deed, it’s just something you have to adjust to and a small price to pay.

It would appear they are not only on my radar as I’ve spotted quite a few utility suits lately so it has inspired me to do an edit…

1.Vila at

2. Monki at

3. Topshop

4. Next

5. New Look

6. Warehouse


8. Topshop 

Happy Shopping!


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