My Spring Refresh – The White Boot…


I have a theory; if I dress like it’s already Spring, it will show up. Much like the book The Secret says, (if you haven’t read it I highly recommend) if you put positivity out to the Universe you get it back, I have decided I am going to dress for warmer (drier) weather and it will come. Simple. So with this in mind I’m continuing to give my wardrobe a spring refresh with a purchase that is a first for me – a pair of white boots. I know some of you may well gasp/recoil in horror at this as I am aware of the stigma that is inherent with white shoes BUT will you look at these before you judge…


I’m willing to agree that they are hardly a sensible footwear choice to invest in during the rainy season, but if you are looking for one item that will refresh your wardrobe in a heartbeat this is it (just avoid puddles). Like most of us I cannot afford to go and buy a new wardrobe every season so inevitably around this time of  year I am really bored with the same clothes I seem to wear on rotation like a fashionable Groundhog Day. Step forward (sorry) the white boot and I can guarantee every outfit I shall put on from here on in will be given a new lease of life. 

I have been lusting after the perfect pair of white boots for sometime now and I can quite safely say these satisfy my criteria. Firstly they are by no means high, in fact they are very practical and have a sturdy block heel that I can still run after a toddler in while feeling a little bit taller than my actual height would suggest. They are pointed, which I am a big fan of in boots and they are also textured which I feel somewhat softens the whiteness of them. And to top it all off, they were reasonably priced (£61) from Amazon’s new own fashion label FIND that is a treasure trove of a collection I highly recommend you have a look at (click here to see the range).


If you are concerned what to pair them with, don’t be. Much like your trusty faithful pair of black boots, you can wear this spring version with everything. Personally I think they look especially lovely with midi length dresses and rolled up jeans. My only advice would be to avoid black tights at all cost – don’t be afraid to bare a leg or a flash of calf with these bright boots.

I hope I have helped to dispel the white boot taboo and if you fancy joining me dressing like it’s already Spring, I’m certain it will arrive imminently.

Happy Shopping


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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