My Love of Faux-liage…


This is not my first post about the many reasons why I love faux-liage but since then I now have twice as many faux plants in my house which has been entirely fuelled by their popularity on the high street. Whereas it was once far from ok to have fake flowers in your home, now it’s positively welcomed and with good reason. For those of us that weren’t blessed with green fingers we can still enjoy a home filled with greenery that actually looks healthy and requires no watering.

One trick I’ve learned along the way is to choose foliage over flowers when it comes to fakery. Unfortunately I find flowers (that are affordable) are not as convincing as plants. On the other hand succulents and cacti look amazing and perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the real ones look surprisingly fake in the first place! If you saw my recent post about Matalan, (you can read it here) you would have seen the little faux aloe plant I bought – it resides next to real plants and no one has ever questioned it!


I’ve also come to realise faux-liage is great in places where there’s no chance a real plant would survive. Our downstairs toilet for instance has a window in it the size of a cat flap, and since I painted it navy any natural light that does make it through has to fight to be noticed. My first fake purchase, the cheese plant leaves from Ikea, now reside and thrive in there and look quite wonderful against the blue.


The final piece of wisdom I would impart about faux-liage is to put them in vases that don’t show off the stems. I love my bunch of eucalyptus dearly but sadly I do not have the same love for the clumpy plastic stems that I had to contort to fit into this vase they stand in. The cheese plant stems are not wholly unattractive so they are sitting in a glass vase for now but I do have a ceramic vase waiting for them when I get the chance to swap them. Also be warned that fake soil is not as far advanced as the greenery yet so don’t be afraid to put your plant in a bigger pot or cover the base with stones to disguise the plastic soil.


Obviously I still have a lot of love for a bunch of blooms and this time of year especially when I can fill my house with daffodils and tulips every time I visit the supermarket, but my fondness for fakery is strong – and for good reason – they are so good these days and affordable too! I’ve put together my edit of the best plants that are available now.


1.Marks & Spencer

2. Sainsburys


4. John Lewis

5. Marks & Spencer

Happy Shopping


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