My Kitchen Lust-List…


If you have been following my Insta-stories of late you will know that we have been living through a kitchen extension. Relatively speaking it has been a quick build (or so I am told by my husband and the builders) but that doesn’t mean going without an oven, washing machine and sink has been fun, (especially with a toddler who has been hell bent on covering herself and the walls in food every time she eats) and don’t even get me started on the dust – OH THE DUST!

Now almost 10 weeks later we are nearly there and the dust is gone – hurrah. The appliances are back all in and working as are the cupboards and the lights, so all that’s missing are the worktops, tiles and flooring. When it is finally finished I shall share a picture I promise.

In the mean time while we wait for the worktops to arrive I have been curating a kitchen lust-list of items that are both functional and some just fun. There are so many lovely places to shop for homeware now that I could make a list as long as my arm but for now I shall cap it at my top 10 (in no particular order).

I am having a serious love in for Bordallo cabbage/lettuce leaf crockery and have done for quite some time now so the bowl from the uber stylish new store Arket is top of the list. The kitchen cabinets are grey (would you expect any less from me?) and the walls are white but to keep it from becoming too plain I plan to introduce colour with green, pink and bit of brass/copper accessories and plants. That said, I have already warned my husband that I am going to be militant about keeping the worktops as clear as possible as the main reason for the extension was to create more work surfaces so I really don’t want them cluttered up. Wish me luck…


Kitchen Lust-List

1. Bowl

2. Tray

3. Felt Letter Board

4. Bowl

5. Faux Fern

6. Clock

7. Tea Towel

8. Brass Grater

9. Jug (only available in stone)

10. Laundry Powder Box

Happy Shopping



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