Mummy Style: Vinyl


If you looked at the title of this post and recoiled, I don’t blame you, I did too when I first learned that the shiny fabric was being hailed a trend this Autumn.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t buy into it just because it’s a trend, truth be told I don’t really buy into trends as much as I used to. Since hitting 30 I’ve finally felt confident enough to say no to certain items of clothing and I’ve enjoyed wearing what I want (namely grey, black and navy) and most importantly, what I feel comfortable in ever since. It was my fondness for leather that drew me towards the vinyl so when I saw these trousers they stopped me in my tracks (although I still didn’t buy them there and then!)  and the seed was planted. After thinking about them non-stop a week later and with a napping toddler I seized my chance, tried them on and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised…

Obviously there are quite a few differences between vinyl and leather, first and foremost they are a lot shinier than leather but they are also a lot more affordable too. And I daresay they have a lot more stretch in them than a real leather trouser (no one wants a real-life Ross from Friends moment). The best bit though, they are wipe clean! Yes, you can actually clean them with a baby wipe (I’ve tried) so no matter how hard they try your little angel cannot ruin them with sticky fingers/snot and any other fluid they hurl at them. 



Coat, Mango (old). Jumper, Marks & Spencer. Trousers, River Island. Boots, Marks & Spencer (old). Bag, Mon Purse.

If you want to know the trick to wearing vinyl it’s all about balance. A knitted jumper will soften the look in a heartbeat and it always helps to oversize on top when a skinny trouser is involved. Go too tight all over and you’ll give Catwoman a run for her money.  I’ve teamed it with a cashmere jumper that I got in the summer sales that’s two sizes up and this longline coat/cardigan hybrid that has been in my wardrobe forever. 

It’s also worth mentioning this pair are high waisted so help to tuck everything in (and keep it that way) and have a soft lining which hugely helps when putting them on – I would highly suggest you check out what’s on the inside if you don’t want a vinyl spanx situation… 

Coat, Mango (old). Jumper, Marks & Spencer. Trousers, River Island. Boots, Marks & Spencer (old) Bag, Mon Purse.

So here’s to trying a trend every now and then and for fashion that is toddler repellent…

Happy Shopping


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.