Mummy Style: The Trusty Trainer…


I live in trainers, that is no exaggeration, I mean literally live. From back when they became fashionably acceptable a few years ago when I enjoyed the novelty of dressing my feet down to now, when much like most mummies, I want practical and comfortable for walking miles and running after Daisy.

I am by no means the exception and it’s easy to see how  a trainer addiction is formed – they go with everything. Team them dresses for a relaxed look or with jeans and a jumper for an off duty day – there are few outfits this shoe won’t get along with. Added to which not only are they extremely versatile, they are also an affordable and justifiable expense. Based on a price per wear usage they definitely earn their keep.

Now I am a die-hard Stan Smith fan but it came to my attention lately that there’s a new contender for the fashionable trainer title, the Vans Old School. I’d noticed the classic skater trainer dominating outfits more and more over the past few weeks so I wanted to see for myself…

With little time to go break in clothing these days they had a baptism of fire with their first outing on an all day shopping trip and I can happily report they didn’t rub and were really easy to wear. It goes without saying that the colour scheme of them has pleased me instantly- the black handily covers up a multitude of stains! Suffice to say they have slotted into my wardrobe with ease so it’s no wonder they are currently enjoying the limelight.

In terms of sizing, I don’t tend to wear socks with mine (yes I’m that time poor!) so they came up just right. I highly recommend you broaden your wardrobe with a pair.

Happy Shopping



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