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Is there anything better than being hands free? These days I take huge delight in the simple things, washing my hair uninterrupted, going to the toilet alone, hot coffee and reclaiming my arms and hands one day every week when Daisy goes to nursery. It’s these simple things I have to remind myself of after drop off every week when my mum guilt levels are through the roof and I want to turn around and get her.

The merits of being hands-free are ten fold but the downside is I’ve enjoyed it so much so that I really loathe carrying a bag of my own these days. After years of carrying around far too much on a daily basis (and doing untold damage to my back) followed by nearly two years off attaching my trusty nappy bag to the buggy, my now soft shoulders are refusing to accommodate any kind of heavy baggage anymore. Fortunately I don’t carry half as many personal items as I once did so the only heavy load bearing days occur when Daisy refuses to walk anywhere and I don’t have the buggy…


Mummy day off bag -

My reluctance to load up like a packhorse led me on a hunt for the perfect mummy day off bag and it didn’t take long for me to stumble upon this gem from The Cambridge Satchel Company. The shape is inspired by the traditional bag  used by bus conductors and the sturdy navy patent leather bag is the perfect size for my essentials and sits comfortably across my body allowing me to feel as liberated as I would without a bag. I chose navy for a change as it won’t surprise you to learn I have an abundance of black bags already. It’s equally as classic as a black or brown bag but handy for injecting some colour when I am wearing my standard mummy uniform of jumper and jeans.

As I near ever closer to a time when Daisy no longer needs her buggy I shall be bracing myself for the heavy load I shall have to carry again but for now I am going to enjoy the hands free life.

I’ve picked my favourites available now for you to shop including some backpacks that are not only a bit bigger so will carry toddler stuff i.e. snacks but still free up your arms. Your back will thank you for it…

Mummy day off bags

1. Mango



4.The Cambridge Satchel Company

5. Marks & Spencer

6. Zara

7. House of Fraser

8. Accessorize

Happy Shopping


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