Mummy Style: The Cardigan…


More often associated with grannies it’s no wonder that the much overlooked humble cardigan has fallen off the fashion radar of late. That is until this season. Giving reason to the theory if you wait long enough it will come back into style, the woollen wonder is finally enjoying a revival having served it’s fashionable time. In contrast to a blazer which instantly smartens up an outfit, the cardigan softens. Taking the chill off a cooler day and ideal when you simply want to put on something comfy, the knitted hero has certainly made a come back in my wardrobe after a long absence…


This long grey cardigan is a Primark classic that has hung in my wardrobe, ignored for far too long until recently. Unwilling to give up the jeans and t-shirt love in that I’ve had all summer this cardi has enabled me to continue with ease. Put simply, it has become my best friend – it’s light enough to chuck over the buggy when I get too hot and durable enough to withstand a toddler that’s refusing to walk and hanging off it. Plus the colour means it will go with anything and even when it does get cold it will still work layered with a polo or another knit underneath.
A highly versatile piece of clothing, the cardigan works for both the office and off duty days, and an oversized fit will cover any bums/tums you’d rather the world didn’t see. Choose longer flowing lengths for relaxed feel or go short and sleek for a tailored look. As long as this mild-ish weather continues and coats need not apply you can guarantee this will be your transitional hero. Here are my favourites that are available now…




2. Grey

3. Red

4. Dark Grey with Bow Cuffs

5. Monochrome with Red Pockets

Happy Shopping


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