Mummy Style: Statement Coats…


Hurrah coat season is upon us! A coat is one of the few pieces in your wardrobe that will earn it’s keep. It faces the elements on a daily basis and has to work with a variety of outfits so making the right decision when investing in one is important but also daunting. For those reasons it’s easy to stick with something classic but have you ever considered making a statement instead?

Before we go any further this post is coming from someone with a full blown problem – my name is Carly and I have a coat addiction! Every year I vow to not even look at coats let alone entertain buying one but every season something new catches my eye and I make the exception. Last winter I introduced a leopard print number to my wardrobe and this winter it’s the turn of the red coat.

Mummy Style: Statement Coats

If you hadn’t noticed, the colour is everywhere and my love of it just keeps growing. So much so I justified it’s entry into my wardrobe on the grounds that I don’t actually have a coloured coat. I have plenty of classic coats in black, navy and grey but despite years of doing coat specials on a magazine fashion desk, I still don’t own any coloured coats. Which leads me on to why statement coats are so great…

Much like a bold lip can make you look wide eyed and bushy tailed when the truth is quite the opposite, investing in a bold coat such as this red one has the power to elevate any everyday ensemble such as a sweatshirt and jeans – AKA the mummy uniform. On it’s first outing this coat won me a handful of compliments, some from friends and some from complete strangers! So it’s taught me to have fun with my outerwear…

I have put together some of my favourite statement coats around this season –

1. Borg – this teddy-bear-style texture will give you the same amount of comfort a stuffed toy gives your child at night. Trust me.

2. Checked – as well as red, checks are enjoying a fashionable moment too. A great introductory print for colour-phobes.

3. Aviator – instead of a bold colour why not try a completely different style – the aviator was big news last year and it’s back with a vengeance. The softer sibling of the leather jacket, it’s oversized features and longer length will look great contrasted with a maxi dress.

4.Printed – this one is perfect for wowing up a simple outfit.

5. Military – go for styles with oversized buttons and hardware details to add a bit of glitz to an otherwise classic coat.

6. Trench –  Not just any old trench, cut out sleeves and tie features make this a trench with a twist.

7. Borg/Aviator – while it may not be the brightest or boldest coat of them all this hybrid jacket cunningly fuses two styles together. A wolf in sheep(skin) clothing if you will.

8. Leopard – a seasonal favourite and one that will never date. Team it with plain items to make the most impact.

9. Puffer – not just for the youngsters – this luxe velvet version is the ultimate in  grown-up chic.

Happy Shopping


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.