Mummy Style: Hi-Lo Dressing


This week marks our official entrance into Spring (the weather would suggest otherwise) and while I would love to be embracing lighter fabrics and ditching the coat I’m afraid I shall not be baring much more than an ankle for now. Having been one of the gullible ones that skipped outside when the sun came out sans coat and scarf I feel duped. It’s not as warm as it looks.

As a mummy it’s easy to wear the same thing day in day out (jeans and a sweatshirt anyone?) for reasons of practicality and exhaustion, so it can sometimes feel like we leave our stylish days behind us and swap them for oversized dribble/sick covered clothing. But every now and then a look descends from the giddy heights of the fashion world and rejoice it is one us mere mortals can actually all get on board with…

I’m talking about hoodies, we all have one, we all wear them and if you don’t then I implore you go get one, sharpish. The hoodie is the perfect off-duty piece. It was made for days when you need a hug from your clothing – it will overlook your flaws (i.e lumps and bumps), keep you warm and and is the ultimate in comfort. However, for all it’s loveliness and benefits, it is probably a long way off from being the smartest item in your wardrobe so this is when hi-lo dressing comes into play…

The trick is to team said hoodie with a tailored jacket in order to look more chic than slob. The unlikely pairing works because the contrasting clean lines of the tailored jacket or coat will sharpen up the slouchiness of the hoodie, reining it in if you will.

Coat, Archive by Alexa at Marks & Spencer. Hoodie, H&M. Jeans. Trainers, Adidas at Schuh

I snapped up this hoodie recently from H&M (sadly sold out but similar here) and have worn it to death ever since under my trusty leather jacket or this Archive by Alexa at Marks & Spencer coat. Naturally I have chosen to go tonal with grey on grey but bold primary coloured hoodies contrasted with classic coloured coats also looks great.

When the weather warms up I plan to simply pair my hoodie with lighter jackets such as blazers, trenches and bombers so I won’t have to sacrifice warmth for style. I refuse to be parted with it just yet!

So there you have it, a trend that is both practical and fashionable and any ensemble that simultaneously allows comfort and style to come together is definitely a winner in my opinion.

Happy Shopping


N.B This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.