Mummy Must-Have: The Secret Sleep Weapon…


Sleep – we all know to expect a severe lack of it when the baby arrives (or even before then if you have pregnancy insomnia/heartburn/or general aches and pains) but no one explains to you one of that reasons why your little bundle might not sleep in those early days is because it’s too quiet. Armed with lists, books and a wealth of help on hand in the shape of my mum nothing warned me that this could happen. Yes, the books said to make a racket in the day so they didn’t get used to sleeping in silence but none suggested that this would in fact make the silence even more unsettling for them when it happened at night.

Think about it, your baby has listened to your body ticking over for 40 weeks. Your heartbeat, breathing and digestive tract makes for a rowdy soundtrack in there and yet when it’s born and you all go to bed, it’s silent. It’s any wonder they wake screaming, the change must be terrifying.

Graced with a baby that slept in the day but not as well at night we found ourselves desperate at 4am so we did what all new sleep-deprived parents do, we googled. Our search unearthed a little chap called Ewan so that morning my husband made a sleep-deprived mad dash for the nearest baby shop to purchase one and quite frankly he has saved our lives!

He doesn’t look much but don’t be deceived, Ewan the dream sheep is a genius concept in sheeps’ clothing, literally. The little fella (aka your new best friend) plays low level ‘pink noise’ while emitting a warm pink glow from his tummy to soothe your baby to sleep. There are 4 different noises to choose from that vary from a harp spa like tune (which sent us to sleep!) to an actual womb recording and all are combined with a resting heartbeat designed to calm your baby. Proving that sometimes it’s the most simple things that are the most effective we have never looked back and always remember to have half a dozen batteries on reserve incase he runs out!

Since we bought him whenever I mentioned it to fellow parent mates that we had a Ewan they would all look at me wide eyed and gasp ‘isn’t he brilliant’ or ‘we are on our third one of them as we break them through overuse’. He’s a bit of an insider parent secret and I’ve even heard of older children that still use him to get to sleep, he’s that great. Now I’m sure to tell every new mum or mum-to-be that getting one is an absolute baby essential…

You can buy Ewan here.

Happy Shopping (and sleeping)


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