Mummy Must-Have: The Babasac Sleeping Bag


In all my years working in fashion the term ‘hero-item’ was bandied around a lot for good reason. Be it a leopard print shoe, a breton or a classic black blazer they were all heroes in their own right. Much in the same way but taking the word to a whole other level I’ve learned during my short time as a parent that every so often I’ve also stumbled upon a hero product that makes my life that little bit easier which has lead me to wonder how I EVER got along without it. It began with Ewan the Dream Sheep (who is still going strong) and now after a fortuitous evening searching the internet I’ve discovered the Babasac…

Recently after weeks of sleepless nights and not an answer or finish line in sight, desperation started to set in and all (I mean all) talk recently turned to sleep, or lack thereof, in our household (we used to talk about cool stuff for the record). Every night we were woken up with a screaming toddler who would only settle in our bed – which was less than ideal. Given how well Daisy usually sleeps this had left us flummoxed – not to mention exhausted. Initially we put it down to the classic reasons, nightmares, teething, perhaps a developmental spurt but none of these things seem to be the answer. Finally whittling it down it occurred to me that maybe she was cold.

The reason being Daisy is a wriggler (much like most toddlers) and it was my belief that she was waking up in the night because the blanket had fallen off and she was chilly. So the question was, go back to a sleeping bag or test out a duvet?

I was very much in favour of a sleeping bag and inwardly my biggest reason was most likely my reluctance to admit she’s growing up and not a baby anymore. That aside, I love growbags for the fact they cannot come off and would keep Daisy snug throughout the night – solving all our problems as far as I was concerned. However, as she nears closer to getting her own ‘big bed’ Mr S&S was flying the flag for the duvet team.

That’s when I found the Babasac. It caters for babies and toddlers up to 36 months and here’s the best part, it has removable layers to alter the tog rating. So the 2 in 1 sleeping sack saves you buying two, one for summer and one for winter as it caters for both – genius! And if your baby/toddler is too hot you can simply unzip the layer to take it from a 2.5 tog grow bag to a 1 tog in a flash.

Mummy Must-Have: The Babasac

Not only is it clever, it’s stylish too. Having written off so many before now for being too fussy or ugly the monochrome pineapple print instantly appealed to my classic colour preferences (there are also grey clouds, navy stars and pink heart styles available).

We were very lucky to be given one to try and I’m happy (elated, ecstatic, thrilled and well rested of course) to report that one week in and Daisy is sleeping like a proverbial baby again and it’s all down to the Babasac. Every night she’s warm, there’s no risk of it coming off and although my husband didn’t take losing very well he’s happy, as am I, to be sleeping again without an extra wriggly person joining us every night.

Mummy Must-Have: The Babasac

The Babasac was the brainchild of Keira who started her site Mama Designs with the Mamascarf, a clever scarf for breastfeeding mummies that can be worn as an accessory while also covering you and the baby during feeds too. All her creations have been born from experience, the idea of the two tog Babasac was spurned when Keira was buying an extra sleeping bag for holiday. Everything is functional and practical but not at the cost of style, quite the opposite in fact. The bright cellular blankets are a great alternative to classic white and the snoodie is possibly the ultimate in dribbling chic. Given how successful the Babasac has been for us I’m disappointed I didn’t discover this brand sooner…


Mummy Must-Have: The Babasac Grow Bag



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