Mini Style: Making Food Time Fun…


I distinctly remember the Health Visitor at Daisy’s one year check warning me that around the age of two she could become a fussy eater but not to worry it’s normal. Apparently it harps back to a time when they were cave babies and would have hunted for themselves and whatever they found that didn’t make them poorly they would live on for long periods at a time. Totally logical and at the time I found it fascinating, however, fast forward 18 months and it’s downright frustrating!

I’m one of the fortunate ones that are lucky enough to have a child that will eat vegetables and fruit (although she is allergic to dairy which is lousy) but given the option of what she would rather eat everyday Daisy’s answer is simple, fish fingers! All the other meals she used to enjoy are just not that interesting anymore it would seem and throw into the mix how limited we are when we go out to eat (she invariably eats fish fingers, grr) and you can see how we got to this point. Granted they are not the worst thing she could ask for but nor are they the only thing she can survive on, so battle has commenced…

As we have found with her sleeping situation, if we up the ante and add a new spin on the mundane, i.e taking the side off her cot and making it a “big girl bed”, Daisy seems to go for it (although she no longer thinks her bed is that great unfortunately). So recently thinking along those same lines I have pulled out the big guns and introduced new crockery in a bid to gain her interest.


This very cute and weather appropriate dining set is from Rex London (formerly and the bowl, cup, plate and cutlery come in at just over £15 for the lot which I think is a bit of a bargain for the amount of use I get from them! They are made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, something that is becoming more and more important to me with every plastic toy that comes into our house these days and they are dish-washer safe too. I also recently bought some metal straws from Aldi that she uses with the cup which are great too and far more user friendly than the paper ones.

And the verdict: so far so good, the novelty of her new tableware has  not worn off yet. The only problem I have now is that she will ONLY eat off them so I am constantly washing them up!

You can shop the whole range now at

Happy Shopping


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