Mini Review: Our Little Tikes Summer Saviour…


Hooray for the sunshine making a comeback! The rain over the Bank Holiday weekend plus a poorly Daisy was a stark reminder that although winter is my fashionable favourite, as a mummy it fills me with dread. There’s nothing like a rainy day to bring out all kinds of anxiety and panic over what we can do to make the day easier. Anyway, here’s hoping that’s hopefully not going to be a concern of mine for a very long time (please universe).

As well as the obvious milestone moments, (teeth, walking, sleeping, crawling etc), I’ve discovered since becoming a mummy there are the ‘unofficial’ ones that are just as magical – one of them was the moment Daisy played with a toy by herself for longer than 5 minutes and this Fountain Factory Water Table has been her favourite toy of the summer and our saviour at times. Don’t get me wrong, there have been other favourites (the Ikea kitchen was a godsend) but she’s been a hard taskmaster from day one so it feels like we’ve trialled our fair share of toys and activities to get this far. For instance, despite the hype I’d heard about the Jumparoo it lasted 3 minutes before she squealed to come out and I think I have the only child who does not care for softplay (although that one I’m slightly happy about if I’m honest).

However I’m delighted to declare that following our lovely day out in London with Little Tikes (you can read the post here) we were very kindly gifted this Fountain Factory Water Table for a review and it’s been a hit. So much so I wanted to share it on the blog because in my opinion experience counts for everything when it comes to parenthood…

Unsurprisingly the novelty of a paddling pool wore off very quickly for Daisy and we soon found she was enjoying pouring all the water out of said pool more than sitting in it so the arrival of this toy couldn’t have been better timed. I had my fears about it being a fun-for-five-minutes toy that then gets stuffed in a cupboard/shed/garage for all eternity but I was wrong. And even though I am not a huge fan of giant lumps of plastic polluting our recently renovated garden for the hours of fun she has enjoyed playing with it outdoors (and the amount I can get done while she plays on it) I am willing to overlook that minor detail. In fact the bold bright colours actually look lovely against our dark fences – who would have thought I’d be saying that?!

Summer fun with little Tikes

The bright sensory table features interchangeable pipes complete with taps and a pump that fills the water tower and flows to the fountains. It was really easy to build, there’s a plug in the bottom to let the water out and the pipes all dismantle so they won’t go mouldy and can be washed. We originally toyed with the idea of getting her the iconic red and yellow car but as it has taken us nearly all summer to do the garden she only had a small area of decking to play in and the car would have been useless sadly. With the table she can play by herself (which she is currently really enjoying as am I) and it is easy to dismantle and store. Most importantly, this toy has proven it is not just for the summer. On slightly cooler days we have simply topped it up with warmer water and she has enjoyed playing with it just as much. So despite saying I would never have unsightly lumps of primary coloured plastic in my house (or garden) when I had baby I was wrong and I’m more than happy to admit it.

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