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Baby shoes, the tiniest shoebox you will ever leave a shoe shop with yet surprisingly expensive in some cases. The moment they first pull themselves up and start to cruise around the house is a milestone that is both amazing and daunting. We all know that the right footwear for little developing feet is extremely important, but given they can grow out of them in a matter of weeks the price tag can be eye-watering. It is made even worse when your little darling knows how to take said shoes off and launch them in public places – I can’t tell you how many Cinderella moments we have had with Daisy. Luckily this month George at Asda has come to save the day…

The supermarket’s First Walker range are made with extra padding and flexible soles to support new toddling feet as they take their first steps but the best bit…they start from just £5!


Starting from a size 3 and going up to a size 7 there are plenty of styles to choose from. I have to be honest, I have really struggled to find girls shoes that I like but I love the traditional shape T-bar shoe with easy to use velcro and I think a few of the other designs could easily pass as unisex for frill-phobes such as myself.

Personally, I would recommend getting your baby’s feet properly measured as getting the right fit and size is vital (unfortunately these shoes don’t cover width size as well) for the normal development of their little feet.


1. Floral


3.Whale Print

4. Grey

Available in-store and online now.

Happy Shopping



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