Mini Fashion: 8 Stylish Halloween Pieces (that aren’t fancy dress)


Although the weather yesterday was like something from an Apocalyptic film (red sun anyone?), the scariest day of the year is yet to come, exactly two weeks today in fact. With just 14 days until All Hallow’s Eve you cannot have missed the tidal wave of merchandise and clothing that is currently flooding the High Street. Pumpkins, witches and somewhat appropriately, devils are all on offer for your little ones in an equally array of frightening colours and fabrics, but if you look a little further there are actually some really lovely pieces too that give a nod to the day and most importantly, in my opinion, can be worn after the event.

Naturally it’s every parent’s prerogative to dress their little angels in novelty costumes for a giggle (read: it’s an unwritten rule) – for her first Halloween Daisy wore a skeleton baby-grow and this year I have my eye on something that will be far more embarrassing when we crack out the pictures on her eighteenth. But if you’re feeling kind and want value for money then these are the pieces for you. I recently picked up the cat cardigan for Daisy and what with this freakishly weird extended summer it’s been a wardrobe saviour. Mostly available in grey or black (my colour palette of choice) and for both boys and girls I’ve put together my favourite picks of what are available now…


1. Cardigan

2. Sweatshirt and Jogging Bottoms

3. Jersey Trousers

4. Pyjamas

5. Cat Hat

6. Pyjamas

7. Sweatshirt

8. Sequinned Top


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.