Micro Trend: Pearls


Be it a pearl of wisdom or a twinset and pearls – it’s easy to see how the milky white gemstone has become intrinsically linked with all things classic. That was until the high street got hold of them this season and hauled them back into the style spotlight…

They.Are.Everywhere. Adorning and decorating even the most simple of items and ideal for the non magpies, the pearl is the perfect entry level into embellishment and makes a refreshing change from the annual onslaught of sequins and sparkle that lands at this time of year. It’s also the savvy way to wear your jewels and your clothing simultaneously – and who doesn’t love a multi-tasking piece? Any trend that isn’t governed by what size, age or body shape you are is bound to be a good one to tap into.


I’m possibly not the biggest purveyor of sparkle (even though Daisy has already displayed magpie tendencies) but it’s saying something that I have definitely had my eye turned for this trend and will be dipping a toe into it imminently. Here are my favourite pieces available now.


Micro Trend: Pearls www.styleandsubstance.uk


2. Scarf

3. Jumper


5. Hat

6. Jeans

7. Heels

8. Loafers

9. Bag


Happy Shopping


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