Matalan – A High Street Hidden Gem…


When I initially sat down to compile a Mother’s Day gift guide for the blog, I didn’t actually envisage buying something from it for myself (Happy Mother’s Day to me!), it’s certainly one of the hazards of this job! As I scoured the internet for the perfect gift suggestions I soon clapped eyes on these stripy pyjamas from Matalan (and the £16 price tag!) and I had to have them. If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I’ve never been particularly quiet above my love of a good pyjama and these days I figure that just because I may not be getting good sleep with a toddler, it doesn’t mean I can’t at least try and look good sleeping! Like a dog with a bone I couldn’t let this bargain pass me by so Daisy and I went on a field trip to our local branch to hunt them down…

When I think of Matalan I always distinctly remember doing a huge shop in there before I went away to University many (many) moons ago, but if I’m honest, I haven’t stepped foot in one for a long time of late. I don’t really know why but wow I’ve been missing out! After a wander in store (as documented on my insta-stories) this dog came out with more than just a pink stripy pyjama bone and so I thought I’d share the little gems I discovered…


(Obviously the pyjamas came home with me. Sadly they are currently sold out online but there were plenty in my local store so I would definitely recommend going in if you have one nearby.)

First up, the homeware, oh, the homeware! I was always a big fan of the brand’s home dept and they have most certainly upped their game – the faux plant/flower section of the shop alone was magnificent! I snapped up this little faux Aloe plant in an Aztec print pot as I couldn’t help myself but I was also elated to discover this gold planter too. I’ve had this (real) Aloe plant for ages on my side and as it’s grown it’s become a bit of nightmare for catching on things so this planter is perfect for keeping it elevated and away from Daisy’s prying hands while looking pretty lovely too of course. Looking at both the real and faux plants together you can hardly tell the difference. I also have a fondness for most things in marble these days and the little chopping board is not only useful, it also handily doubles up as a trivet which is vital with our new quartz worktop.


Next up, kidswear. There’s certainly plenty to choose from, the range is vast! There was plenty I have my eye on for when it gets warmer but for now we came away with these gorgeous frill gingham blouses that are made entirely from cotton and are a lovely loose fit which is perfect for an active toddler. The sizing is also spot on so plenty of room for growth. They both came in at £8 – more than reasonable in my humble opinion.


Aware I’m taking a huge gamble with this white top, I couldn’t resist it – I just pray she doesn’t ruin it!


So there you have it, Matalan has it all, literally a one stop shop and I would highly recommend checking it out. Daisy and I spent a good hour wandering around which in itself is a triumph with a two year old and we came away with a substantial bag full of lovely items that in total came to less than £75.

I’ve put together some more of my favourite items available in store and online now and as much as I’d like to tell you I’ve satisfied my Matalan itch with my recent purchases, after compiling this, I may have to make a return visit…



1. Basket


3. Planter

4. Plant



All available now online and in store at

Happy Shopping!


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Some items were gifted.