Label Love: Lindex…


Children are the toughest critics when it comes to clothing –  if there is a flaw, they will find it and if there isn’t one, they will make one. It has never ceased to amaze me how many newborn baby clothes are white – yes it looks lovely but a newborn can ruin white without even flinching or indeed even opening their eyes!

Joyfully it only gets tougher as they get older – if an item can withstand a day on the back of a toddler it’s done extraordinarily well. On more than one occasion it has pained me to watch bright livid orange baby mush(why is all baby food orange?!) dribble down her. Ultimately though if something does hold it’s own in the battle against food, dirt, and general wear and tear while looking stylish and cute it more than deserves credit and a spot in their wardrobe…

This was just one of the reasons I love Lindex. An already established Swedish brand that is now available here and offers a wealth of womens and childrens wear at really affordable prices and made from beautiful fabrics as well as promoting sustainability too. I know the term affordable is bandied about a lot but this brand really does offer inexpensive pieces – ideal for ever-growing children. I’ve always been fussy about fabric anyway for myself and with Daisy’s history of eczema I’ve got worse about the touch and feel of clothing. Now she’s on the move, I can worry less about her getting too warm but of course each milestone comes with it’s own pitfalls and now I don’t want anything that will rub or cause discomfort when she toddles around. But I am more than happy to vouch for the fabrics, durability and all round loveliness from Lindex.

Romper, Lindex. Sandals, Primark.

Naturally I instantly fell in love with this romper as it features a breton stripe but on a recent belting hot day it looked so comfy that I was envious of Daisy in it! The organic cotton is super soft with a slight stretch in it and has stood up to her food dribbilng abilities brilliantly. Likewise, this pretty blue dress was perfect in France when the heat got too much for her in her flowergirl dress.

Dress, Lindex. Shoes, H&M

Not just for the kids, the womenswear is great too. The breton dress I wore home from holiday was so soft it made the journey a lot more bearable (we all know there’s little joy to be gained from a Ryanair flight!) so if you haven’t had a look at their site I highly suggest you do! The brand currently has just two stores in the UK but new drops land online weekly and there’s even a cunning coming soon section which is great (and lethal) for pre-planning purchases…

Happy Shopping



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