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Since being on maternity leave I have become a fully fledged supermarket special buy fan. It’s more than likely because I spend so much time in them these days (there’s always something I need) and began in the early days when a wander down the aisles would work wonders to get Daisy to sleep!  I’m not too ashamed to admit I get giddy for the middle aisle in Aldi on a Thursday (I own most of the designer-inspired candles they sell) or that I trawled to Lidl to hunt down one of the infamous £10.99 plants too and I love nothing more than finding an item of clothing for Daisy that you wouldn’t expect to find alongside your frozen goods. It was a recent visit Sainsbury’s to do my usual weekly shop that I fell into the home aisle and was pleasantly surprised with what I found…


It’s no secret that for the past few years supermarkets have been offering shoppers more than just milk, bread and eggs. So if you have seen my insta stories lately you will have seen how much I am currently enjoying the ‘Helsinki’ home range that has not long landed in store at Sainos. It’s a mixture of Scandi minimalism featuring lots of grey with a splash of rich yellow thrown in and a succulent or two – err yes please – and those that know me will know why I am such a super fan. On my first trip there I snapped up a woven cream and yellow basket which has proven invaluable for storing Daisy’s tsunami of toys that are threatening to take over our living room. It blends in seamlessly with rest of the room and has been super practical.


Supermarket Chic -

Basket, Sainsbury’s (available in store)


Image: Sainsburys Home

On my second visit a couple of weeks ago (yes I am that obsessed) I picked up the letterboard. Yes I am also every inch the insta-cliche – I started with the lightbox and when the focus changed to the letterboard obviously I had to have one. Naturally I told my husband for the purposes of work I had to have it hence the blog plug. It has also provided endless entertainment for some of the more childish members of my family!

Supermarket Chic

Letterboard, Sainsbury’s (available in store)

In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces available now. Unfortunately not all of it is available online so it’s definitely worth taking a trip to your local to see what’s on offer – be prepared to come home with something, you have been warned! Who knows what I will come home with on my next visit…



Sainsburys Home

1.Date Block

2.Faux Cactus

3. Coat Hook

4. Faux Succulent (available in store)

5. Frame

6. Vase

Happy Shopping


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