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There’s nothing like a week of being trapped in with a poorly toddler to motivate you to moodboard! Staring at the same bare walls for the past few days has spurred me on to get project hallway well and truly underway now as the plaster is dry and it’s one of the last rooms to be done in our 4 year-long renovation job. I’ve no idea what we will fill our weekends with when this house is finally finished!

This is probably the room I am most excited about doing. That probably sounds daft given it’s not so much a room as a corridor to other rooms but the hallway is the first thing you see when you walk to the house and it holds all the rooms together so it drives me mad that it’s the one space we are yet to finish.

Up until now, logistically, we couldn’t have done the hallway for no other reason than it made no sense to try and keep it pristine while traipsing through dirt, dust and all sorts while we renovated the other rooms off it. And seeing as it’s not a room that we sit/sleep/bathe or cook in, it has not been our priority in the grander scheme of things.


Hallway Inspo

Before (it pains me to share this picture)…

Our hallway doesn’t have any windows so our main goal is to make the space as light and airy as we can with paint. We do have a stairwell that is U shaped which I actually really love as it gives us a big enclosed area to decorate and means we can have a big feature light on the landing that will hang over the stairs. So far, as with most rooms in the house, I have chosen an off-white paint colour (which didn’t surprise my husband at all. Creature of habit me) and although we had originally planned a really dark statement wall up the back of the stairs, we have now settled on a light grey wall that we plan to cover with pictures and a mirror to mimic a window and to bounce some light around. We have also decided despite my initial hope of having a minimal console table that we will hide the radiator behind a radiator cover.


Hallway Inspo

Images: Pinterest

A lot of my moodboard inspiration for the area stems from my love of Victorian and Georgian styles but our seventies made house sadly doesn’t have high ceilings or period features so the plan is to create a classic/Scandi entrance hall on a neutral palette. What the hallway will lack in wall colour I plan to make up for with decorative accessories, prints and plants. We have already amassed a selection of pictures and prints that we plan to hang and I snapped up the bargain bestseller Matalan mirror a few weeks ago that will sit above the radiator.


The only element of the room I can’t quite decide on yet is the flooring in the downstairs. Ideally I would love a runner up the stairs (although I’ve heard this can be pricey) and carpet on the landing but downstairs I am torn between bold monochrome printed tiles and wood effect tiles. We would rather tiles than carpet as the flooring will inevitably take a bashing with footfall and Daisy. But after choosing herringbone patterned tiles in both the kitchen and the downstairs toilet I am categorically banned from anymore herringbone by my husband who had the unenviable task of laying it.

I’ll keep you posted on insta-stories on our progress and in the mean time here is my edit of wish list items to finish the hallway with when we finally get around to painting it…


Hallway Inspo


1.Light, John Lewis

2. Tray, H&M

3. Vase, LSA at

4. Mirror, Next 

5. Floor Tiles,

6. Picture Frame, Wilko

7. Candle, Anya Hindmarch at

8. Artificial Plant, Marks & Spencer 

9. Storage Baskets, La Redoute

10. Print, Gayle Mansfield

Happy Shopping!


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