Interior Style – Debenhams Lighting…


One of my favourite spaces in our home centres around a star-shaped light I got years ago back before the sad demise of BHS. It stayed in it’s box patiently awaiting our house move and then when the dining room was finally finished it came out and now takes pride of place on the sideboard.


Taking centre space, my star light from BHS


I’m not alone in my love for illuminations. You only have to look on Instagram or Pinterest to see a neon word or a star adorning plenty of homes. Making a statement with lighting is big business and novelty neon lights in particular. The simple standard lamp no longer cuts it, focus is now on the source of light and hanging or displaying it like you would a piece of artwork. The good news is it won’t cost you as much as a piece of artwork would…

Last week I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Debenhams Lighting. They have cleverly snapped up the former BHS senior lighting buyer Claire Woodward to create a new collection that will literally light up your world.

With prices starting under £100 if you are looking for an affordable light to make an impact, look no further. Cementing my love for them, the neon flamingo would make a fine centre piece in any room – I’m currently trying to work out where it could go in our house (I was also dazzled by the cactus shaped one too but fear for my electricity bills!) and if you needed any justification, the clocks going back and early dark evenings at this time of year totally warrant more lighting…

Happy Shopping


P.S If novelty is not your thing, the Urban Industrial range features exposed bulbs, metals and concrete for a loft look and the floor lamps that are part of the Floor Show range are inspired by cinematic lighting.


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