Interior Style: Daisy’s Reading Corner…


If ever there was a popular decorating trend for children for 2018, it is the reading corner. From teepees to bookcases, there are plenty of products available to encourage you to make a nook in your home for your little one to read in. The best part about this trend is it’s so simple but really effective and easily adaptable to whatever size or shape room you plan to put it in – plus you don’t need to spend a lot to create the perfect space.

I like most parents, want Daisy to enjoy and share my love of books and she already has a collection that we struggle to house so I wanted to make them accessible to her. I had always had plans for a reading corner for her (I’ve had the book ledges waiting since she was born!) but I didn’t know where to put it in her room or how high to place the shelves until she was an age to enjoy it – but finally we committed to making it a couple of weekends ago so I thought I would share it with you…

Inspired by pictures I had seen on Pinterest and Instagram I picked up the picture ledges from Ikea and I paired it with a little bookcase I already had. The ledges come in two lengths so I chose the smaller size for now so I can add more as she grows. Over time I have picked up pieces as I saw them to complete this little corner in her bedroom, the rug came from Sainsbury’s and the cushions all came from various places to help create a cosy space for her. I’ve also recently added the fairy lights and I’m hoping to find a little chair eventually for her to sit in but the search is ongoing.

Daisy's reading Corner

Daisy's reading corner

Shelves and bookstand, Ikea. Fairy lights, Cable & Cotton. Rainbow cushion, H&M. Rug Sainbsury’s (both old)

And the verdict: it’s been a huge success! Daisy loves it and we often find her chatting away to herself flicking through her books. All in all it probably cost us less than £50 for the whole lot (not including books) but the peace and quiet it has bought us so far has been priceless!

Happy Reading!


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