I Heart Slides…


When writing this post I wanted to give it a suitable title that would put across my love of the slide in both a subtle but succinct manner – however, as you can see in the end I realised that put bluntly, I heart slides and it is as simple as that. Since the sun has made an appearance I have worn little else (apart from the heels I wore for my bridesmaid duties). But aside from said heels, slides were the only other shoe choice in my luggage when packing for my holiday- I even wore them to fly in. In wearing them so much I have also come to realise that more than anything I love people’s reactions to them – they really are fashion marmite.

When I first told Mr S&S of my plans to buy a furry pair he looked at me horrified and I got a similar reaction from my family when I arrived at the airport in the Adidas pair. By the time I wore the pink velvet ones my mum was referring to them as slippers not slides…but happily the bow pair earned me some compliments from the family. It seemed that for every ‘ergh’ I also got an ‘ooh’ too (mostly from the girls) and gradually as the days passed more and more of the wedding party I was holidaying with crossed over to the dark s(l)ide – sorry.

This season my collection of slides has doubled if not tripled. Unlike any other shoe style I own, my slides range from one extreme to the other as you can see from unisex Adidas classics through to satin origami style bows and even a dusky pink velvet pair – which in my opinion is just testament of their versatility. I could go on about the merits of these sandals all day long but I defy you to put your foot in one and not enjoy the comfort factor instantly. They are also the ultimate mummy friendly shoe, no laces/buckles or zips means that you can literally slip them on and go and a pair of actual pool slides like the Adidas ones are perfect if you have a messy child (who doesn’t) as they are wipe clean. Plus as someone who is not a big fan of feet this style shoe shows just enough off without baring all – see I told you I could go on…

Slides, New Look

Incidentally, I never did get those furry slides but there’s still time…

Happy Shopping


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