Fashionably Armed…


Aside from wearing a lot of grey, monochrome and the odd flash of navy I do have to admit I have a soft spot for a bit of camouflage. The beauty of camouflage (living up to it’s name quite literally), is it’s ability to blend seamlessly with a classic palette of monochrome or grey making it accessible for even the most print phobic and an easy pattern to introduce to your wardrobe

Over the years I have cultivated a khaki section in my wardrobe so perhaps it was inevitable that an affection for the print would follow suit. I am not alone, this summer the High Street has also embraced camouflage in a big way.

Earlier on in the year I invested in a shacket (shirt/jacket) that has been perfect for the confused season we know as summer. (Also somewhat apt that I was fashionably armed as I embarked on a battle of wills with Daisy when it came to afternoon naps – something she cleverly decided she no longer needed.)

Carly Stevens/

Jacket, New Look

After many fruitless searches for the perfect shirt I finally found one from New Look. It’s a piece I have no doubt I shall be getting a lot of wear from in the coming transitional months.

Why not treat yourself to these pieces available now…


  1. Dress, Topshop
  2. Shirt, New Look
  3. Bomber jacket, Zara
  4. Skirt, River Island
  5. Ballet pumps, Gap