Fashion Must-Have: The Statement T-Shirt…


Last season I welcomed the statement sweatshirt so naturally this summer I’m embracing the t-shirt version. Granted a new concept it is not but making a statement with your clothing certainly is fun. To be frank, there are days when it would be easier to wear my mood across my chest than talk (at least before I’ve had a coffee anyway) so it goes without saying I have bought a few so far already.

Happily also for me a lot of the versions available also tap into my other love, red. At a recent press event for River Island I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to create my own embroidered tee so obviously I went for red stitching on white and chose to have my name (profound, I know) stitched on it – although these days I’m more commonly known just as Daisy’s Mummy so I should have had that emblazoned on it.

Depending on how bold you feel there’s a motif for everyone. Go subtle with a simple stitched piece or go all out literally with a statement across your chest – there are no rules to fear with this trend – here are my pick of the best available now…

1.Bonheur, Sosandar

2.When Life Gives You Lemons, H&M

3. Femme, Mango

4. Stand Up For Love, Zara

5. Amour, Maison Labiche at Very Exclusive

6.Fear Less, River Island

7. Not Today, JDY at New Look 

8. Femme Forever, Topshop

Happy Shopping




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