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Only since I’ve been able to enjoy doing outdoorsy stuff lately with Daisy has it made me realise how long it was since we last had nice weather! I was pushing her on a swing in the park the other day and honestly could not remember when I last had (helped by the fact that Daisy told me ‘we haven’t been here for ageessssss mummy’). Welcome back sunshine, you’ve been missed! And by gosh doesn’t it make the days with a toddler/baby/little person easier?!

Two weeks ago when the sun first made an appearance, we were kindly invited to an event with Little Tikes, the toy brand most commonly known for the iconic red and yellow car that gave most of us countless hours of joy during our childhood years. The purpose of the event was to see their newest ranges of outdoor toys to actively encourage children to get outside and play, something that unfortunately happens less and less these days. It was the perfect excuse for a day out in London so off we went…

Held in Hyde Park, when we arrived any doubts I had about Daisy getting involved were dispelled immediately – she was off! She’s been enjoying imaginative play a lot recently so this was bliss for her. When she wasn’t dashing about in the cars and filling them up with petrol, she was playing in every playhouse on offer. They’ve certainly come a long way since I was little! She was particularly enamoured with the Go Green house that is not only perfect for children to play in, it also actively teaches them how to care for the environment with special features such as a flower bed, water reservoir and a solar light (had I fit in it even I was keen to have a play if I’m honest).

Enjoying the Outdoors www.styleandsubstance.uk

Enjoying Outdoors www.styleandsubstance.uk

We have been toying with perhaps getting her one of the cars, partly for nostalgic reasons, (it’s a classic toy) and as she’s shown an interest in them before but seeing her enjoyment confirmed it and now we have started Project Garden, we cannot wait for her to be able to play outside and enjoy one.

All in all we had a lovely day, Little Tikes mission was accomplished – the event got us all outside in the sunshine and it was a great opportunity to test drive toys that we had been unsure whether to get Daisy in the future. The range is vast, I was really impressed with how many different toys there were for the children to enjoy and play with – and the best part of it was not a single computer or piece of digital equipment was the source of the entertainment. Water games, sand pits, playhouses and trikes – everything on offer encouraged activity and imagination. It was enlightening and liberating to be able to enjoy the outdoors again and not be snowed/rained in – long may it continue…

You can shop the whole Little Tikes range online and in store now at www.littetikes.co.uk


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