Embracing the Embroidered…


Before now my wardrobe has only enjoyed the presence of approximately 3 floral/embroidered pieces and they are all dresses I have worn to weddings. To be clear,  it’s not that I don’t like florals or embroidery, they just haven’t really ever been on my radar especially as I am not perhaps the most girliest of girls.

That seems to have altered since having Daisy. I wouldn’t go as far at to say I am now a complete convert but some of my style choices have certainly softened this season. It started with a pink knit and now seems to have escalated onto floral embroidery…

On a recent late night sofa surf this top from Zara caught my eye. Upon buying it, I have been pleasantly surprised how much I love it. Even though it is frilly and floral, the clean lines and simplicity make it entry level girly. For all it’s volume the fitted embroidered panel and the loosely fitted arms make a flattering silhouette while the strategically placed empire line cut is perfect for covering a mummy-tummy, skimming over the issue quite literally, so it is actually quite a hard working item too.

I’ll be honest, I had my reservations as to whether this smock top would actually make me look pregnant again (the last thing I wanted were any awkward congratulatory comments!) but those feelings were quickly dispelled when I realised it falls nicely in line with my hips – any longer and it wouldn’t have been as flattering. However, I would say this is possibly not for the the bust-blessed and be warned: one gust of wind will cause a Marilyn Monroe moment of the upper half…

In another style mix up I have also been enjoying bright lips (late to the party I know) and I am loving a bit of orange at the moment. Granted it’s not the most child friendly (especially when your daughter finds the lipstick in your bag and tries to mimic mummy putting it on…!) but after a particularly turbulent night the colour really does brighten my face making me look less like I have been dug up.

Happy Shopping


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.