Daisy’s Pick of the Bunch…


Who doesn’t love a new beauty purchase? I for one am a sucker for a pretty beauty product so when the opportunity to baby beauty shop came about I was giddy –  with so much loveliness out there it’s hard not to get excited. However, a matter of weeks into her short little life Daisy developed eczema – it’s not uncommon in babies but miserable for her and painful for us to watch. With no known cure prevention is key so Daisy already has a stealth collection of tried and tested toiletries and lotions. Unfortunately a lot of the ranges avaialble available for babies can be harsh on their sensitive skin. Now I’m no beauty expert but given this is such a common problem for little ones I thought I would share a few of the products we are currently using and loving*…

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Wash – available at Boots

After altering our washing powder and trying plenty of prescribed potions a friend mentioned Aveeno to me as it had worked for her little one. At the time we discovered the baby Aveeno range it was only available in America but as luck would have it some of the products are now stocked in Boots – hurrah.

We’ve been using this for a while in a warm bath (heat doesn’t help) and this non-scented, creamy body wash for face and body leaves her skin super soft afterwards before we moisturise her. It’s an emollient and contains natural oatmeal so it leaves a creamy film over her body that prevents her skin from drying out.


Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Emollient Wash

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion – available at Amazon.co.uk

Perfect at bedtime, I rub this into Daisy to keep her skin hydrated throughout the night and the smell is amazing. The combination of the massage and the lavender known for it’s ability to calm and aid sleep leaves her so sleepy sometimes we have to wake her up for her feed!

Sadly it’s not available here but it is on Amazon and I would highly recommend.


Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion

Earth Friendly Baby Soothing Chamomile Bubble Bath – available at Waitrose

I recently learned that chamomile is another natural remedy for eczema and sensitive skin so the Earth Friendly Baby range is perfect. Creating loads of bubbles and lightly scented this does not irritate or dry her skin out and is nearly all natural.

Carly Stevens/Styleandsubstance.uk

Earth Friendly Baby Soothing Chamomile Bubble Bath

Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil –  available at Burtsbees.co.uk

Before dressing her in the morning I apply this product and it smells delicious. The apricot and grape seed oil helps to moisturise her but doesn’t leave a greasy residue so we can put her clothes on soon after (something we have to do quickly as the fresh air makes her really itchy). We have most of this range (it came highly recommended) and alternate between the Burt’s Bees bubble bath and the Earth Baby one above. I have the Mama Bee version of this oil and have been applying it to my skin since Daisy arrived so I can definitely vouch for it.


Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil

Pure Potions Skin Salvation – available at Holland & Barrett

A make up artist friend recently suggested this so we have only been using it a short while. but it appears to be helping when she’s particularly itchy on warmer days. Created by a mum with an itchy allergy prone child this remedy was born in her kitchen. The rich beeswax formula works to create a barrier so the skin underneath can heal. (It is recommended that you patch test this product before using.)

Carly Stevens/Styleandsubstance.uk

Pure Potions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment

Since writing this piece we discovered Daisy is allergic cow’s milk. From this we then established that any diary I was eating was having an adverse effect on her when she breastfed and contributing to the eczema rash all over her body. Within weeks of stopping breastfeeding and changing to a dairy free formula Daisy’s skin healed up significantly which is a huge relief but she’s still prone to itchiness in classic eczema prone spots such as behind her knees and the inside of her elbows. Oddly enough we’ve noticed it flares up when she’s teething too so we still use products that are kind to her skin so as not to aggravate it.

I’d love to hear from you so if you have any suggestions that are good for a baby with sensitive skin please share your tips and tricks.

Happy Shopping


*For babies with sensitive skin it is recommended that a patch tested is carried out on a small area of skin before applying any of these products