Daisy’s First Birthday…


Last week Daisy hit the biggest milestone of her little life so far, she turned 1 whole year old. We made it, she made it, we have all survived her first year and it’s gone way too fast. Becoming a mummy has been every cliché in the book, the hardest job I’ve ever done but by far the most rewarding and put simply I cannot imagine life before her now.

Enough of the gushing, more about the celebrating. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would spend so much time and energy working on a first birthday party (so much so I ran myself down and got a cold afterwards!). For someone who always protested that “they are only one, they don’t know what day it is” I went full on hypocrite and pulled out all the stops for her big day.

Naturally she had to have a new outfit, a long sleeved t-shirt from Bob & Blossom emblazoned with a giant 1 and she wore it with an item I never envisaged myself buying my daughter, a tutu! Toned down by the simplicity of the grey t shirt and grey tights, this Angel’s Face tutu was the perfect piece for her big day. Let’s be honest, I won’t get much say in what she wears soon enough so I may as well grab the opportunity now!

In the morning we had a little family outing to Mead Open Farm our local farm (click here for more info) and it was lovely. If you happen to be in the vicinity I highly recommend it. The barns are home to bunnies, cows, sheep, chickens and goats and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with them – which Daisy thoroughly enjoyed. It’s all undercover (apart from the walk between each barn) so it can even be enjoyed on a wet day. There is also has a huge soft play area to really exhaust your little angels.

Back home, we had all of the family over to celebrate with a cake I made. Yes I made a cake! For those that know me I don’t do cooking let alone baking and truth be told if she wasn’t allergic to dairy I probably would have bought a cake but instead I poured blood sweat and tears into a daisy themed creation (thank god I didn’t call her Rose or some other intricate flower – that would have killed me!).


The best part was I didn’t have to go far for it all. The daisy icing cutters came from Wilko, the cake board from Poundland, the tablecloth,napkins and confetti balloons came from Sainsburys and the number balloon from Hobbycraft. All on my doorstep!

It was a lovely day and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Most of all Daisy.

Here’s to the next 12 months!


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