Crushing on Blush…


In the spirit of New Year new me, 2017 may still be in it’s infancy but I have already changed my sartorial dressing habits, something I have not done for years… I am wearing colour. I have to confess that since having a little girl I like pink. I must be clear though, I don’t mean the super-saccharine-sugary Gaviscon pink that Daisy will probably want her room painted in years to come, no, I am talking about the grown up version, the toned down dusky blush.

It most likely began when I discovered fairly quickly that unless you dress your child very clearly as a girl everyone will assume she is a boy. So to avoid awkwardly correcting people, I took it upon myself to get some pink into Daisy’s wardrobe.

Subliminally the hunt for pink pieces for Daisy must have had an effect on me because somehow it has infiltrated my wardrobe and I found myself the proud owner of a pink item of clothing when this H&M jumper came home with me on a recent trip. This might not sound much to many but for those that know me, I don’t do colour – fact. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to dabble with a coloured accessory and I can appreciate it on other people but clothing in anything other than grey, monochrome or navy hasn’t graced my wardrobe for a very long time. Testament to this was Mr Style & Substance’s reaction, or lack of, when I came downstairs the following morning wearing said jumper…I have since taken his stunned silence as a good thing…!?

This shade of pink is more versatile than you would think. Firstly it works with grey, khaki, black, navy and denim so slipped into my wardrobe with ease and secondly, put bluntly it has made me look healthy! Like the power of a good blusher, this hue instantly gave me a rosy glow and during these dreary January days what’s not to love about that?

It doesn’t end there, the colour has not only made it’s way into my life it’s now also in my home. I have long held a torch for the rose gold/copper trend that’s established itself over time and I do have a well known love for a flamingo so perhaps it was a natural progression…

Dish, Ikea. Candles, Marks & Spencer

Starting simple with this plate for displaying some candles, I love how it looks against the grey and that contrary to popular belief pink in the home doesn’t necessarily mean frilly and chintzy. The Scandi effect has taken care of that so simple, minimalist items such as a vase or candle make a statement while contrasting the feminine shade perfectly. Although if you are going to introduce fabrics, rich and luxurious is better and looks more expensive, think velvet or wool.

From uber stylish Sketch’s Gallery room and Spring Restaurant’s sumptuous sofas and clean bright rooms there’s plenty of interior inspiration available to prove the colour has influenced not just me. Our spare room needs redecorating so I have been browsing the high street deciding whether to introduce a dusting of pink into our home and along the way I have found some wonderful pieces that are swaying me so I thought I would share…

Image: Spring Restaurant/

Image: Sketch London


Happy Shopping



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