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How is it December again??? At the risk of sounding really old, where has this year gone?  While I’m giddy at the thought of the big day drawing ever nearer, I’ve been so caught up in tree-dressing, advent calendar-ing and listening to Christmas radio that I have totally forgotten to do any present shopping- oops!

Much like every year, I really struggle what to buy my loved ones. I like to think of things they would never buy themselves rather than getting them things they need or are practical – most of those items are just boring. I’ve struggled that much this year that I don’t even know what I would like for myself so my husband is pecking my head for inspiration. It’s the same with Daisy, the mountain of toys in our living room that she’s received over the past year has spilt over to every room now so she really doesn’t need anymore. However, I keep trying to edit the pile down as I know she’s going to be spoilt but as soon as I put stuff away she suddenly and conveniently has an overwhelming need to play with them again.

Anyway, if you are like me and finding yourself failing at the Christmas shopping list this year with less than three weeks to go (eek!) I thought I would put together some lovely gifts suggestions for her, for the little ones and for the home to help you shop for others and for yourself too – because well, why not? Tis the season after all…

For Her

Gifts for Her -

  1. Pyjamas / 2. Boots / 3. Hat / 4. Sweatshirt / 5. Keyring / 6. Blazer / 7. Make Up Brushes / 8. Notebook / 9. Loafers / 10. Lipstick / 11. Card Holder / 12. Earrings / 13. Clutch / 14. Curling tong 
For Little Ones

For Kids


  1. Coat / 2. Personalised Blocks / 3. Book / 4. Pyjamas / 5. Rocking Horse / 6. Bag / 7. Picture (in store at Debenhams only) / 8. Trainers / 9. Hairclips / 10. Coat / 11. Slippers / 12. Till / 13. Dolls House / 14. Hat / 15. Sweatshirt 
For The Home

For Home

  1. Cups / 2. Calendar / 3. Peg Board / 4. Knitted Word / 5. Light / 6. Candle / 7. Mirror / 8. Handwash and Hand Cream set / 9. Metal Word / 10. Book / 11. Picture / 12. Basket / 13. Vase / 14. Trinket Tray / 15. Cushion / 16. Throw

Happy Christmas Shopping



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2 Responses
  • Becky at PinksCharming
    December 10, 2017

    Oh my goodness so many lovely things on here! I’ve actually been majorly organised and pretty much finished our shopping but will send to my husband as he needs help! Xx

    • Carly Stevens
      December 10, 2017

      That’s a great plan! Bravo for being so organised, I still haven’t finished mine eek! x

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