Christmas Gifts for Him…


Following the wonderful response to my gift guide last week (thank you so very much), a few people came to me asking for help on what to buy the men in their lives. From Dad to husband and brother in between, it turns out men are really quite hard to buy for while us women (namely me) are fairly vocal or suggestive (generally speaking) on what we would like on the big day. So rather than second guess what they want I decided to go straight to the source and just asked them and it turns out some of the requests were quite interesting…

The good news is the response was lightning fast – it turns out the men I know and my friend’s partners really are quite clear on the topic. There’s no bad news but it was quite impressive how practical their desires really are. Some of the suggestions that flew in consisted of socks – yes, it turns out men really do want socks for Christmas (good quality ones only though of course), anything to do with alcohol consumption and my favourite, a slow cooker as suggested by my Dad! Also interestingly ethical and environmental friendly gift requests were popular; Veja’s fashionably conscious trainers and The White T Shirt Company’s organic and sustainable clothing being another. Without a doubt the one that shocked me the most was the LifX bulb – an energy efficient lightbulb that can be controlled via WiFi – that came from two separate men thus confirming that a gadget will always be a key to a man’s heart.

So here’s what he would really like to wake up to on Christmas morning as decided by the men I asked. It’s probably not the most original or imaginative idea to just ask them, I grant you that, but I hope it helps you with shopping for the men in your life, and if nothing else, saves you time! Now I’m off to buy my Dad that slow cooker…


Men's Gifts

1.Book, Lakeland 2. Moisturiser, Aesop 3. Wireless Earphones, Apple. 4. Backpack, Rains at Soletrader. 5. Re-useable bottle, S’well. 6. Pyjamas, David Gandy at Marks & Spencer. 7. Hoodie, Mango. 8. Trainers, Veja. 9. Jumper, River Island. 10. LifX Lightbulb, Amazon. 11. Aftershave, Hermes. 12. Socks, Peper Harow. 13. T-Shirt, The White T-Shirt Co. 14. Slow Cooker, Crock Pot. 15. Slippers, Just Sheepskin. 16. Beard Kit, Men’s Society. 17. Corkscrew, Le Creuset. 

Happy Christmas Shopping!


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