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There is nothing quite as lovely as baby skin – it’s the best and something I have strived to achieve for years. In the past I’ve advocated borrowing from the boys wardrobes so it occurred to me why not borrow from the babies beauty range? It stands to reason that if a product is gentle enough for their delicate skin then it might help to make our own skin as soft as theirs. With this in mind and because quite frankly, I love the smell of baby products, I have started to borrow from Daisy’s haul…

Plagued with sensitive skin that was in part down to my dairy intake passing through to her via breastfeeding (Daisy’s dairy allergic) and a smattering of eczema, we have ritualistically applied moisturiser to Daisy daily as well as bathing her in products for sensitive skin since birth.  Over the past few months we have tried and tested so many products on her she currently has enough products to warrant a bathroom shelf of her own!

While I’m vigilant with her skin maintenance, endless piles of washing up, swimming lessons and generally being too time poor to take care of myself had taken it’s toll. I also questioned whether her skin sensitivity may be from me. Despite having sensitive skin on my face, it never occurred to me before having her that I too have slightly sensitive skin all over – I just assumed that with no time to moisturise my own body my neglected skin had become dry and slightly itchy.

Currently we have been sharing her Sophie la Giraffe products and both our skin is feeling (and smelling) gorgeous. The body wash foams up like nothing I’ve ever used and the moisturiser has taken care of dry skin in a heartbeat. I’ve also been using her Burt’s Bees nappy cream as a hand cream  and Lansinoh nipple cream as a lip balm – crazy as it sounds, it works! While the products can be pricey with both of us using them it halves the cost.

There is also something rather comforting in smelling like your own baby especially as I recently had to leave Daisy for the first time overnight – something I wasn’t looking forward to at all – so the smell really helped.

Sophie La Girafe products are available from Harrods, Selfridges and other retailers can be found at

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