Basket Case


Every evening before I feel I can relax it’s my mission to put away the dozens of plastic toys and books that litter the living room. As Daisy has grown so too has her collection so the hunt for chic storage was on…

Ultimately I wanted something that would work in our living room as this will be where most of her toys will live for the foreseeable future.

As I stepped foot into my local Matalan I had forgotten how vast and affordable their homeware range was. I soon swooped on these ombre baskets, a mere snip at £35 for the pair Рperfect for storing anything and everything, not just baby toys.

Image: Carly Stevens

Also available in grey, I resisted the urge and opted for yellow, fun for Daisy, contrasting well with grey and a favourite colour combination of mine lately.

Image: Matalan

Picture credit: Matalan 

Inspired by Matalan’s own images I’m sure I shall find a reason to go and get the grey ones soon enough


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