The Baby Essentials: Muslins…


Muzzles, cuggas, beeboos (as my niece labelled them), call them what you will, as most mums will testify muslins are one of the most lifesaving items you accessorise with after your baby arrives. I say accessorise as I always have mine tucked in my back pocket, in my hand or generally hanging over my shoulder  –  I wear it more often than my watch these days!

Mopping up sick, dribble and milk moustaches, it is not surprising that for many children a muslin becomes a comforter given how much time they spend with it.

Just before Daisy arrived I was kindly given an Aden + Anais muslin/swaddle blanket. Bigger than your average muslin, it quickly became part of my everyday arsenal. To begin with we swaddled her in it and now she has outgrown it it functions as a lighter blanket on warmer days (when they seldom occur), a picnic rug in the park, a cover for her moses mattress given it’s breathable fabric and most importantly a cover for me when I have breastfed in public. It has also saved many outfits from projectile baby sick. Put bluntly I couldn’t survive without it.


Image: Carly Stevens

Aden + Anais’ past collaborations have included Hello Kitty, Orla Keily and Baby Gap. Now it’s Disney’s turn, and your little one can embrace Bambi, Winnie the Pooh and The Jungle Book prints. In addition to the bigger size muslins, standard sizes, dream blankets and burpy bibs are also available and I’ve found these really useful for weaning.

Top Tips: 

I recently discovered (having forgotten to pack towels – oops bad mummy), that a giant muslin also doubles up as a towel after swimming and dries in half the time.

On particularly warm evenings we have wet a muslin and hung it by the window. The water cools the air as it evaporates.

I also have it on good authority from another mummy that for adults on long journeys a large muslin can be folded and tied behind the headrest to create a sling to support your head. Making it perfect for catching some much needed zzz’s without the neck ache*

*not to be tried while driving

If you have any other tips I’d love to hear from you

Aden + Anais Disney

Swaddle Blankets, Aden + Anais Disney

Aden + Anais Disney

Burpy Bibs, Aden + Anais Disney

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