9 Reasons to Stay in Bed…


First things first, Happy New Year – I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year break and enjoyed the festivities. Now the party is over (sob sob) and with the January diet campaign in full throttle (is it me or does it get bigger every year?!), I want to turn your attention to something you should now indulge yourself in wholeheartedly and guilt-free with the promise that it won’t make you fat…sleeping!

As someone who used to love sleep it was a bitter pill to swallow having a baby that wants to rave all night. Suffice to say after nearly a year I have refined my sleeping skills significantly and can survive on very few hours. There have been particularly awful nights when I have contemplated starting the day at 4am as any chance of slumber has seemed hopeless. I kid you not!

With shut eye now such a precious commodity, dressing for the occasion has become the highlight. I was always a fan of a traditional cut shirt and trouser pyjama set and now never more so. There’s nothing like slipping on your pj’s early evening and enjoying some chill out time. With that in mind I thought I would share my pick of the best available now. I think it’s worth spoiling yourself with a slightly more expensive pair too – if you do the price per wear sums it will be worth it and let’s be honest, you will definitely wear them.

Top Tip: Always go a size up from your normal dress size – comfort is key.

1. Boohoo.com

2. Hush

3. New Look

4. Boohoo.com

5. River Island

6. Cyberjammies.co.uk

7. Lascana.co.uk

8. Boux Avenue

9. Figleaves.com

Happy Shopping


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