3 Ways I’ve Survived January…


Rather than moaning the entire way through January, this year I decided to throw myself into new things and make my own happiness (I’m sure it has something to do with the new moon at the beginning of the month). I’m not necessarily one for New Year resolutions but given I was not one of the few jetting off to Thailand, Australia or somewhere hot either I knew if I wanted to survive the month I had to be proactive. I’m all about the simple things these days so they are by no means monumentous but they have definitely helped so I thought I would share with you the three new things (that incidentally all being with F) I’ve implemented this month…

Fiction (and Non-Fiction)

Just some of my reading to do list…

I’m certainly not the first person this year who has proclaimed their desire to read more and I’m sure I won’t be the last but 2018 is the year I plan to rekindle my love affair with the humble book. I studied English at University and used to read so much (and so much quicker than I can now) but now I am terrible for sitting on my phone all evening scouring social media.

I recently joined our local library and regularly take Daisy as she loves to look at books and they do activities there in the week. It’s the same library I would sit in and do my school projects on when I was younger and I’m so happy it hasn’t changed a bit. Feeling a bit of a hypocrite that I take her to the library and read her a story every night I have started practicing what I preach and reading too. There’s nothing like a book for a bit of escapism and I miss being able to devour a whole novel in one sitting. I have a stack of books already on my to do list but I’m currently finishing Alexandra Shulman’s book that I started on my summer holidays way back in September and am embarrassed to admit I still haven’t finished!


Yes I am 100% the January cliché and have got on the fitness bandwagon this month. There’s nothing like the realisation that your daughter will be 2 next month and you’re still carrying baby weight to motivate you! However, as a full time Mummy I have no time, inclination or indeed money to join a gym that I will more than likely attend a handful of times. Instead I’ve discovered the home workout! I have been doing the 30 Day Shred and am pleased to say I have actually been doing it and sticking to it*. It cost me less than a fiver and each workout is just 20 minutes long – very user friendly and something I knew I could definitely get on board with so I either squeeze it in when Daisy naps or before her bedtime. If you’ve been watching my insta-stories you will know she likes to get involved with ‘mummy’s DBD’ every so often which has been highly entertaining (sitting on me while I do sit ups is her favourite past time).

The only equipment you need are weights and until I unearthed my own I was using tins of beans, I kid you not, and there’s no dress code because you’re at home and no one is judging. Now that my gym is my living room I save so much time on travel and there’s less chance of getting away with not doing it!

Please note this is not an ad at all and I’ve not weighed myself or will weigh myself, I prefer to go by how my clothes fit. It’s just been liberating to find the opportunity to do some fitness that actually works around being a time poor mummy. Those happy endorphins that are released after doing a workout certainly help too…  

*always check with a medical professional before embarking on a rigorous fitness routine to determine if it’s right for you.


I can highly recommend bean cans for improvisation… 30 Day Shred,


This is not as sinister as it might sound, I’m talking about fake tan. Ever since I became a mummy I’ve relied on fake tan to make me look less dug up and this month moreso than ever (especially when I am in my exercise kit). Much like fitness, I don’t have time to spend hours applying or indeed showering it off the next morning now that Daisy can open doors so I need something quick and most importantly good. Step forward St Moriz. A friend told me about it months ago and being a bit of a brand snob I was dubious but it’s great. This express foam version dries instantly and only needs three hours (less for a lighter colour) to do the job so I apply when Daisy goes to bed and rinse off in the shower before I go to bed. No more grubby sheets, no more prancing around naked waiting for it to dry, it’s super cheap  and best of all you can pick it up in supermarkets and Wilko as I have recently learned.



And if I needed anymore motivation, the unofficial fourth F is for February – the month of love (if you go in for all that Valentine’s stuff – I do, sorry), pancakes and most importantly our little flower’s 2nd birthday.


So there you have it, my three simple and cheap ways that have helped me keep my sanity when the days are long, mostly wet and still dark too early. To be honest, these don’t just apply to January so now that I am nearly four weeks in I am hoping I can maintain them – fingers crossed!


I’d love to hear your survival tactics if you have any.


This post was not sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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